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May 30 2015



quick poll, how many of my followers are senatorwong fans?

May 29 2015

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this is all i streamed today
i don’t gotta explain why

May 28 2015

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Commission done! Here’s Tenk’s Ella!
Picarto’s got some junk goin’ on, but hopefully the next stream’ll go well! Thanks to those who popped up, as always.

May 27 2015

i thought this said 45GB and i almost screamed

h-haha thank god for that

pff lightweight

sorry i don’t save GARBAGE
but it is significantly less than it was before my computer crashed ill admit
i haven’t even started to rebuild shimaji and makuro release too many things

May 26 2015


Picarto.tv - TenkStreams's Multistream

Hijackin’ Tenk’s stream to do some commission work. Hop in!

May 25 2015

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doot doot

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step it up

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Yuutarohiroshio’s Madame Mewi! Cats are pretty cute!


Picarto.tv - TenkStreams's Multistream

Working on commissions w/ Tenk & Rhyd! Hop in if you have the chance!

May 24 2015

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“Horse Dong Facts with Professor Nougats - Volume 1”

Hating something without fully understanding it is the true meaning of ignorance.

okay followup question is fucking a centaur bestiality and is it more or less bestiality than fucking a mermaid

Part of the fetish involves the fact that the non-human partner is acting purely on animalistic urges, and is mating without any ulterior thought process behind it. In a way, it’s non-consensual.
Centaurs and Mermaids aren’t real so it’s limited to the setting, but if their behavior is that of an animal in spite of its human half, that’d be closer to bestiality than if they were an intelligent race.
It’s a similar scenario to furries - the animal part plays a vital role to the fetish, but liking one doesn’t mean you’ll like the other. It’s like being exclusively into soft vore and being lumped in with everyone and their grandmother because they enjoy vore as well, even if it’s to a deeper extent.


baka-its-not-like-i-really replied to your post: Commission for dwhoot finished during …

what are your opinions of horse dongs as dongs go

One of the least horrifying-to-look-at penises in the animal kingdom, horse dicks have an aesthetically pleasing length relative to the size of the animal (as opposed to say, a gorilla) and provide a useful in-between if you want an animal larger than a dog and smaller than an elephant.
It is an ungulate that stands higher than the average human, and thus has a comfortable space underneath the torso for immoral activities.
A flaccid horse penis lies within the sheath, and doubles in length and thickness when erect, providing a very distinct visual of bestial arousal. The erectile tissue can be a variety of colors.
Artificial insemination is common when breeding horses, and the desire to collect sperm from a prime stallion is the reason why a market exists for frozen horse semen. As a domesticated animal, horses are also a very important part of culture.
In the end, there are plenty of reasons why horse penises are an effective tool in porn and why people are attracted to them. Thanks for reading.
Side note; practicing bestiality in real life is animal abuse. Understand the difference between fiction and reality.

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Also done during the stream! Nintendo’s true shortstack!

More people should draw Buttnette!!

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┌(★o☆)┘ some old lineart └(★o★)┐

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Hard science.


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Commission for dwhoot finished during the stream! ft. Celia Cumani Aintree from Walkure Romanze

Commissions are open for people who hop into the stream, just be around when I’m broadcasting and ask if I’ve got slots open

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Woahh!!!!! Fantastic!!

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